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Mental Illness in Books

Mental illness is something that used to be taboo and is now coming into the light (hurrah!) so here are my favourite books that feature mental illness ft a mini review.

Under Rose Tainted Skies
Louise Gornall

I adore this book. The main character has agoraphobia which is very well portrayed by the author and the character has more elements to her personality than just her phobia. (Plus the romance is really cute which I loved.)

Rating: 10/10

Meg Haston

This one is about anorexia, and may be triggering for those with anorexia which isn’t great. The suspense is very well written though and it is a good story. The main character did grate on my nerves a bit though, which made my enjoyment of the story lessen a bit.

Rating: 7/10

Am I Normal Yet?
Holly Bourne

OCD is both mainstream and poorly represented in society, a weird situation if you ask me. Am I Normal Yet? represents the reality of OCD and makes it more understandable for people who don’t know anything about OCD.

Rating: 7/10

Pretty Girl-13
Liz Coley

I absolutely love this book. The premise and storyline is amazing, and the slow reveal of information keeps you hooked all the way through. It also brings to light multiple personality disorder (DID) and deals with it very sensitively.

Rating: 10/10

What’s your favourite book featuring mental illness? I’d love to read your suggestions!




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