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Top Ten Authors I’ve Met/Want to Meet

My first go at Top Ten Tuesday! How exciting.
So this is both the Top Ten authors that I have met, and those that I want to meet in the future (because I am a fangirl and I want to meet the people that I want to obsess over okay thanks).

Authors I’ve Met

Cathy Cassidy
I’ve seen her talk twice now I think, and I got her book Fortune Cookie the second time I saw her. I had a nice chat with her and another book blogger (abookandbeyond, go check out her blog, she’s great) and she was really lovely. Her agent even let me have the book for £2 cheaper because I didn’t bring enough money for it.

Lucy Saxon
I saw her speak at the Hay Festival in the UK, and oml. She was so cool in the talk that she was doing with two other young authors. I got her books and UGHHHHHH. They’re perfect and I love them and the third one is out now so I have to buy it. She’s also got really cool hair, so when I got my books signed I told her that and then ran away.
It makes me very angry because practically no one else on the blogosphere knows about her and she’s SO GOOD. Read her books please and thanks.

Neil Gaiman
The Graveyard Book was one of my all time faves as a kid. I met him and completely geeked, so didn’t say anything at all and I’ve regretted it ever since. Neil, if you’re reading this, I’m sorry I’m a nerd.

Alan Gibbons
He came to my school when I was in year 8. He was very interesting and I got his book inspired by the Minotaur (I can’t remember the name sORRY), which is a lot more my style than his books inspired by combat and war. He was very nice, and I also didn’t talk to him. Even though I have a very confident and opinionated online voice, I am a very meek little mole in real life.

Authors I Want to Meet

Maggie Steifvater
I would like to have a very LONG AND DETAILED CONVERSATION about the Raven Cycle. Preferably with Maggie. I just have so many questions. Why is there no sequel to The Scorpio Races? Why isn’t Gansey real? Why do I want to be part of Blue’s family? I need answers. I just want everything to be okay again in my little head.
Anyone who hasn’t read any of her books, do it right now. PLeaseeeeeee. So I can have long internet conversations with you about how perfect they are.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
Chimamanda is one of my icons. She gives a different perspective on feminism and helps me to understand things better through her books, which are also so entertaining. UNF. I just want to meet her and see her talk and love her. I’m doing my graphics project at the moment at underrepresented feminists, and Chimamanda is one of them. She’s so much fun to draw.

Leigh Bardugo
Again. So many questions. CROOKED KINGDOM? SIX OF CROWS? WHY CAN’T I FIND THE GRISHA BOOKS IN ANY SHOPS NEAR ME? I also want to ask where she gets all of her ideas because they are PERFECT. Theives and knives and boys that I want to squish and girls that I want to squish.

Jennifer Niven
Her books make me cry. I want to see if meeting her will make me cry too. That is all.

J K Rowling
Must I even explain? The Harry Potter universe is one of my favourite long series (I get bored very easily) and also my favourite films. Her life story is so inspiring and everything she makes makes me want to cry a little bit (aka NEWT PERFECT MAN SCAMANDER. WHERE CAN I FIND ONE? AND I’M OLD ENOUGH TO MARRY NOW SO PREPARE YOURSELF REDMAYNE) I just want to give her a hug and thank her for putting me in Slytherin.

Please comment and tell me if you’ve met any of my bucket list authors. Were they perfect humans or were they slightly disappointing?



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