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The ISIS Trap

Warnings: terrorism, racism (towards Islam)
Author: Alan Gibbons
Release date: July 14th


‘MAJID, ISIS fighter turned British spy, is desperate to do the right thing.
Racism is on the march in London, and AMIR struggles to keep secrets buried.
MI5 agent, KATE, receives a tip-off about an asset who seems too good to be true.

Behind all three looms the shadow of ISIS.’

I got this book on NetGalley and was really excited to read it. I met Alan Gibbons a few years ago and really enjoyed his book Shadow of the Minotaur, but had never read any of his books based around war or fighting because that isn’t what I normally go for. As with most books I say this to, I proved myself wrong.

The characters were, for the most part, great. I loved the certainty of the characters from the start – you know what kind of person they are,and what their actions are going to be like. Amir was probably my favourite character. He just felt so real, his emotions were so raw. I felt like some of the characters in Kate’s chapters were a bit detached, but that also spurred the story onwards.

The chapters flip between the main characters and between the past and present. I’ve found that sometimes this can be jarring and uncoordinated, but this was done really well and felt more natural. I also really enjoyed the fact that the different chapters fit together to form a whole picture, you didn’t just see one side of the story, you saww every angle – the extremists, the people trying to stop them and the people who were affected by the terrorists.

For the first book that I’ve read that’s directly about fighting and war, I really enjoyed this and it’s changed my outlook on the genre. I’m probably more likely to pick up more of these books in future just because of this one.



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