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Ketchup Clouds

Warnings: mild swearing, mild sexual content
Author: Annabel Pitcher


I’ve done something wrong.
Not a little bit wrong or even quite a lot wrong. What I’ve done is awful.
And do you want to know the worst thing? I’ve got away with it.

Zoe Collins has a secret – a dark and terrible secret that she dares confess to no one she knows. But then one day she hears of a criminal on death row who knows all about secrets. And lies. And betrayal. Desperate to confide in someone, Zoe picks up a pen, and takes a deep breath.

These are the letters that she wrote.’

I only took a second glance at this book because the author and I have the same name. And I’m sorry, other Annabel, but I found your book mediocre.

I found the main character, Zoe, to be pretentious. It never explicitly states her age, but from what she’s doing and the ages of the people around her, I’m assuming she’s around 16. She doesn’t write like it. She writes to a death row criminal who stabbed his own wife in a ‘act of passion’ and won’t stop reminding him about it. Or the fact that his life is miserable. Or the fact that his cell is the size of her shed. Basically, she has no filter on what she writes and ends up sounding obnoxious. The first thing that puts me off a book is if I dislike the main character, and I hated this one.

The other protagonists, Max and Aaron, were okay. I liked them. The reader knows through most of the book that someone dies, and it’s pretty obvious that it’s going to be one of them, but the way that Pitcher kept the mystery going through the whole book was well done.

Sure, I didn’t hate this book. But I didn’t quite enjoy it either, so I just found it a bit of a chore to finish.


(My brother came home from a weekend camping trip and we found a newt in his bag. His name is Neville and I love him very much.)


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