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Mortal Chaos

Warnings: mild gore.
Author: Matt Dickinson


One beat of a butterfly’s wings is all it takes.
One beat that will change lives.
One beat that will end lives.

Jamie and Will [SAUNCY WOOD, WILTSHIRE] bunking off school to go hunting.
Kuni [NORTH FACE OF EVEREST] trapped in an icy crevasse.
Bakili [MALAWI, AFRICA] under attack from bloodthirsty baboons.
Tina [6,000 FEET ABOVE HEATHROW] piloting flight 492 to Moscow.

For them, and many others, things will never be the same again.


This book had a great concept, and although the Telegraph describes it a a children’s book, I’d class it as YA. The Butterfly Effect is something that I’ve always liked, and now there’s a book that embodies it!

I liked the fact that there’s no hero character that saves everyone and is perfect and lovable. Either there’s no hero at all, or the main character of that chapter saves themselves. The way every person’s story interlocks and the strings connect was absolutely brilliant writing that keeps the reader on edge and unable to put the book down.

For someone with a short attention span, this book was a good read. Each chapter is only a few pages long, so there’s no slow moments or boredom between character transitions.  This is also a book that I feel like my brother (not a reader at all – I don’t think he’s ever finished a book in his life) would enjoy, just because it’s so snappy and sharply put together.

This is a read that I would recommend to anyone of ant age and any gender – it really makes you think if you want to, but at the same time you can just enjoy it without considering the Chaos Theory side of it.






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