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Carpe Jugulum

Warnings: mild cursing
Terry Pratchett

‘Mightliy Oats has not picked a good time to be a priest. He thought he’d come to the mountain kingdom of Lancre for a simple little religious ceremony. Now he’s caught up in a war between vampires and witches, and he’s not sure there is a right side.
There’re the witches – young Agnes, who is really in two minds about everything, Magrat, who is trying to combine witchcraft and nappies, Nanny Ogg, who is far too knowing… and Granny Weatherwax, who is big trouble.
And the vampires are
 intelligent – not easily got rid of with a garlic enema or by going to the window, grasping the curtains and saying, ‘I don’t know about you, but isn’t it a bit stuffy in here?’
They’ve got style and fancy waistcoats. They’re out of the casket and want a bite of the future.
Mightily Oats knows he has a prayer, but he wishes he had an axe.’

love Terry Pratchett’s writing. All of his characters are completely unique and I adore every single one of them. Also (and I have to brag about this because I feel so lucky) I got the first edition hardback version for 50p!!! 

Even during the slower paced moments in this book, it’s still interesting and draws the reader in through Pratchett’s witty style. He also writes different dialects really well – the Scottish of the Nac Mac Feegle and Igor’s lisp are perfectly conveyed (although at times slightly difficult to translate).

Personally, in this book my favourite character was Agnes/Perdita, the witch with a voice inside her head. I really relate to her on an emotional level – a chubby self-aware teenager with snarky comments constantly being formulated in her head. As well as this, the Magpyrs were a different and refreshing break from the vampire stereotypes – they ‘trained’ to be able to resist the things that are supposed to be able to kill vampires. This makes for a new, amusing villain that I really liked.


I thought that there were some points that the story could have progressed a bit faster.





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