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Paper Towns

Warnings: mentions of death/suicide, swearing and sexual references.
Author: John Green‘The thing about Margo Roth Spiegelman is that really all I could ever do was let her talk, and then when she stopped talking encourage her to go on, due to the facts that 1. I was incontestably in love with her, and 2. She was absolutely unprecedented in every way, and 3. She never really asked me any questions…’

Quentin Jacobson has always loved Margo from afar. So when she climbs through his window to summon him on an all-night road trip of revenge he cannot help but follow. But the next morning, Q turns up to school and Margo doesn’t. She’s left clues to her disappearance, like a trail of breadcrumbs for Q to follow.

And everything leads to one unavoidable question:
Who is the real Margo?

I watched the new Paper Towns film with a few of my friends on Sunday, and then yesterday at the library saw a copy of the book and thought, hey, why not.

I am happy to report that the movie follows a similar path to the book. It’s boiled down to the most interesting parts, but follows the same path the book did in those parts (mostly). But less movie reviews, more book reviews.

Tumblr has made me aware of the fact that many of John Green’s books have a similar path, although this is only the second book of his that I have read. But this was a really cool book to read. The development of Quentin’s thinking can make the reader think too, and I learned about something I’ve never heard of before – the term ‘paper town’.

The characters are quirky and fun to read about, and the pranks pulled on Margo and Q’s ‘all-night road trip of revenge’ are unique and impossible to ignore.

However, there are some bits that drag out – the times between finding clues – and were made bearable by John’s thought-provoking writing.


(Apologies for my absence – I’ve been on holiday in Tobago, learning how to scuba dive. I passed my test and am now a certified open water diver 🙂 I go back to school on Friday so posting may become a bit more routine.)


One thought on “Paper Towns

  1. I’ve neither read the book nor seen the movie. Heck, I still need to watch Fault in Our Stars. Anyhow, rockin’ review. It sounds like I need to check out this book and see what all the hubbub is about. Cheers!


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