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White Crow

Warnings: Potentially triggering suicidal thoughts.
Author: Marcus Sedgewick

Supposing you wanted to prove something, something important. Supposing that you wanted to prove, for argument’s sake, that there is life after death.’
1798, 10m, 6d. I believe he intends to practise some unholy rite, a summoning, a conjuration. A thing of magic.
Two lives, two centuries apart. But they walked the same paths, lived in the same house, became obsessed by the same question.
When city-girl Rebecca steps into the quiet streets of Winterfold that relentlessly hot summer, her uneasy friendship with strange, elfin Ferelith sets in motion a shocking chain of events.’

‘A modern gothic thriller’, the cover boldly states, and once again Sedgewick does not disappoint. The characters are compelling and incredibly represented in their unique personality. For most of the book there is a constantly held tension due to the creepy Ferelith, who is constantly saying and doing really weird things and I think it’s justifiable to call her a psycho.

The split between centuries is also a constant, with characters from the present having their few chapters, and then the medieval priest and French doctor having their time to shine. Sedgewick manages to tie the characters together really well.


If you like having backstories for the characters in your books, this might not be the perfect book for you. There are tantalising glimpses into the pasts of the characters – Rebecca’s father being involved in the death of a girl, Ferelith’s mother going mad – however you never find anything out about either of these circumstances, which I personally found pretty irritating.


– abnormalbookgeek


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