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The Almost King

Warnings for this book: None.

Aleks Vasin wants to be a hero in Sibrene’s famous army. But Rensav barracks is no place for heroes, let alone a 17-year-old dreamer. It’s brutal, corrupt and violent. Without money or powerful friends, Aleks won’t survive. In a bid for freedom, he heads far, far north, to the great city of Syvana, where skyships roam the heavens and a boy who doesn’t want to be found can stay hidden – until he meets a girl, and an inventor, and then danger finds him…

This is the second novel by Lucy Saxon, following ‘Take Back the Skies’ in her series about the world of Tellus. This book can be read as a stand alone novel, but as someone who has read the first and second books in order, I suggest that you read them as a series – it make some of the elements of the book a bit less confusing.

I really enjoyed this book because of the tension that is held the whole way through. The characters are lovable and the setting (the icy island of Sibrene) helped me to think positive on a boiling summer afternoon. I absolutely love Saxon’s writing because the sad parts make you sad (I cried), the happy parts make you happy, and the stressful parts make you kind of just sit there waiting for something to go right for poor Alecks.

The one criticism I’d have about this book though – everyone Aleks meets is too accepting. The owners of the Compass pub, which Aleks stays at, take him in straight away, and that bothers me a bit. I don’t really know why.


– abnormalbookgeek


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