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Witch and Wizard

The world around you. Life as you know it. It all changes – now…
This is the amazing adventure of Whit and Wisty Allgood, a brother and sister who were torn from their family in the middle of the night, slammed into prison, and accused of being a witch and wizard by the evil regime of The New Order. Can they master their newly discovered powers in time to save themselves, their parents – and maybe the world?
Read this terrifying adventure if you dare…

Witch and Wizard, #1 in the Witch and Wizard series by James Patterson

I got this book as a hand-me-down from a friend who got it for free from Tesco, so I wasn’t expecting anything super-good. I was correct in that expectation.

Like many books, the blurb makes it seem so exciting – witches and magic, evil governments and terrifying adventures – but to be honest it wasn’t that thrilling. It might have something to do with the way the chapters are laid out. With each chapter, the POV switches between Whit and Wisty (Something which I normally enjoy in books), but because each chapter was only a few pages long, you can’t really empathize with the characters as Patterson never really explores their responses to the events occurring around them. I think the book would be much better if he either extended the chapters or didn’t switch the point of view at all.

Some of the plot is good, and I enjoyed hearing about the magical powers that the siblings develop, but I just didn’t feel a connection to the characters like I normally do, which I think deducts from the whole experience.

4/10 stars

– abnormalbookgeek


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