Fortune Cookie

‘Jake Cooke has just had the surprise of his life. He already knew he had a no-good dad but now he’s got four half-sisters that he never knew existed. When Jake’s talent for trouble causes chaos at home, he runs away to meet his new family. Life in a rundown flat in Chinatown is a far cry from Tanglewood where the days are filled with picnics, beach parties and chocolate festivals. It’s already starting to feel like home. But Jake’s about to realize he can only escape his problems and his future for so long. However far you go, you can’t outrun destiny…’

Today, I got to meet Cathy Cassidy and bought her new book Fortune Cookie, that comes out officially on the 4th of June. I’ve read all of the Chocolate Box Girls series religiously since I went to a talk that Cathy was doing in a local secondary school, so as soon as I got home today I started reading- I’m ashamed and proud to say that I finished it in two hours… Yup. If you haven’t read the rest of the Chocolate Box books, I recommend that you do before reading this one, because it just gets everything to make more sense.

Fortune Cookie has the perfect amount of drama, and gives the characters personalities that are very relatable, even if you haven’t been through the same things as the characters.

The main themes are so sweet, and especially evident in the last chapters. It made me cry, and everything from the five books preceding it are tied up into a neat little package. Relationships are mended, friendships are started, families reunited, chocolates designed… It’s got it all.

I was a little bit disappointed by the lack of screen time (page time?) the twins got- they’re my favourite characters after all- but I did like that Jake was trying to fix the dispute between Honey and Cherry, so that makes up for it.

And I still really want to try Paddy’s chocolates. Like, really badly. I dream about those things.

Now, I know there are people that say Cathy Cassidy books are ‘too girly’. As a magic and dragon enthusiast, it’s obvious that I go more for the fantastical magical fiction books BUT don’t judge the Chocolate Box series by its delicious-looking covers. I absolutely loved this series, from start to finish, and I’m really sad to see it end- especially the recipes that are at the end of every book!

9/10 … Chocolates o(^-^o)

– abnormalbookgeek


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