Killing the Dead

Follow the dark, dark path
Into the dark, dark woods
To the dark, dark bridge
By the dark, dark water.

Let the ghosts of heaven tell their story.

I don’t know if it’s still available from shops, but Killing the Dead was a novella written by Marcus Sedgewick that was released for Book Day 2015 in the UK.

The introduction is morbid, and compels you to keep on reading- with references to a character who you discover has died, and a slight reference to the title; ‘We might even wish to kill them, but that is a very mighty and nigh impossible thing, for killing the dead is very hard to do.’ 

However, all of this quiet solemness is immediately lost in the first chapter, where you meet the first character-. The beginning of each chapter is slightly slow in finding it’s purpose, but with each chapter the transition from ‘slight boredom’ to ‘oh my gosh dramaaaa’ becomes quicker.

As you read on, you find that the first two words of each chapter are names, and with each page you read, you can fit together the puzzle pieces relating to what happened to Isobel, the character mentioned in the introduction. You learn about her character without her even being present most of the time, and each character has a unique personality that just makes the plotline even more absorbing. There’s a character that can see ghosts, a character that just doesn’t care, and a ‘Procession Day’ event at the school that every girl seems to be obsessed with, but to be honest it doesn’t sound that amazing.

Through the majority of the book, you never really find out how Isobel died- you find out quite vague information about the, apparantly taboo, incident of her death through each character Sedgewick focuses on throughout the book. In the last chapter, all is cleared up. The events of Isobel’s death are recalled, and I’ll admit that it is REALLY sad. Prepare yourself.

Sedgewick is an all-around phenomenal author- even in a measly 113 pages he manages to draw in the reader and create incredibly detailed personalities for each of the main characters, all while managing to develop curiosity and mystique around the death of a girl who isn’t even alive within the pages.

8/10 … book points idk

– abnormalbookgeek


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